• Ombre Wedding Cakes

    In years past you would never have seen a wedding cake with color other than the flowers, accents or possibly a little bit of color detail on the cake tiers for those that live fast and wild!  Forward 20 years to present, there is color on cakes in all types of design:  scrolling, fondant draping, single tiers of cake or in this picture a full hombre of color.  When thinking about doing this style of cake here are a couple of things to consider.  First, the  darker the color of buttercream the better the pictures for the photo booth!  You can have fabulous “smurf” mouth in blue or go for “Shrek” in the colors of green! Going for the lighter colors is romantic and elegant and even if you want more dramatic, consider that layer being a fake layer with the servings you need in the kitchen.  We find most adults at events will not eat the dark color buttercream for fear of having teeth and lips that look like Barnie the Purple Dinasore!


    Don’t get me wrong, using color can be fabulous! …but it needs to be purposed the right way, bringing elegance to the event and not steering more to a birthday day party type of idea.  Popular colors that are gorgeous in hombres are white to a light khaki or tan, off-white to blush, pale yellow to a darker yellow, ivory to pale peach and even tan to a light green is really stunning for weddings that are natural and full of greenery.  Keeping the lighter color on top and the darker color on the bottom will also create a vision on balance and proportion keeping the darker colors grounding the lighter colors.  Depending on the texture, consider tying it together with a bouquet of assorted fresh flowers to match the wedding bouquet or centerpieces.  Just keep in mind the colors and your wedding cake will be one to keep people talking!








    Photography by: Angela Sostarich Photography

    March 21, 2017 By evielutions Wedding Cakes
  • Pick yourself up off the floor!

    This style shoot location was at a new venue called The Farmhouse in Montgomery Texas.  It showcases a bit more modern feel and features trends we are seeing for 2017 with fabulous color combinations in flours and decor.  The cake features a geode style design with fondant and gold leaf detailing.  Geodes can be done in a variety of colors and styles to match your wedding and really show an eye for the unusual but also contemporary classic without going outside the boundaries of wedding cake styles.

    Wedding cupcakes are still hugely popular to compliment a  smaller cake to cut or used as a stand a lone in a variety of flavors for everyone to enjoy.  Consider flavor and color when you choosing your wedding cupcakes to match your wedding or special event.  The cupcake tops can be styled using different and unique designs to add texture and dimension.  At the end of the day, you can have your cake and cupcakes too!





    The Vendors

    Venue – The Farmhouse

    Photography – Photography by Niki

    Decor & Styling – Love Birds Vintage Rentals & Styling

    Floral – Tricia Barksdale

    Groom’s Tuxedo – Nolen’s Formal Apparel 

    Bridal Gown & Bridesmaid Dress – Georgio’s

    Makeup and Hair Artist – Charmed by Tonya

    Stationery – Jo’s Paper Kitchen

    Paper Floral – Faux Flora

    Wedding Cake & Cupcakes – Bavarian Cakery

    Calligraphy – For Love and Lettering

    Cocktails – Luke’s Bartending Service

    Small Bites – Hilton Conference Center

    Uplighting – Livewire Productions

    Models – Chandler Bowersox, Kirk Surber, Brittany Morgan

    March 15, 2017 By evielutions event catering
  • Optional Wedding Desserts and Dessert Buffets

    One thing I often hear from many of our clients is, “I want something unique to us”, “something original and tasty… something our guests will enjoy and remember.”  For some, planning these small details can be overwhelming and most of the time, after spending just a few moments listening to their vision I can get an idea of something unique for them to try or incorporate into their dessert station.  We love hand crafting off menu dessert items.  

    Mini desserts and sweets tables can sometimes be more costly than doing a wedding cake to serve the entire guest count so it’s important to have a realistic budget in mind when planning this type of idea.

    Depending on the labor required of the dessert and the size of the dessert, it can be a bit of a trick trying to figure out how  many items you need of each sweet treat.  That’s where we come in! We will discuss options that are affordable, personalized and unique to your favorite flavors.  For example: mini strawberry shortcakes, tiramisu, chocolate trifles and banana puddings can be done in small disposable cups your guests can easily handle with drink in hand!  Other options are our decadent buttercream topped brownies and gourmet cookies, cake pops, mini cheesecakes and mini cupcakes.  Whatever your flavor, we can help design the perfect dessert table around your favorites with a budget that won’t break the bank and a presentation to leave your guests snap chatting and facebook posting pictures to prove they were at the event of the year!

    March 10, 2017 By evielutions Desserts
  • Chocolate Encore aquires Bavarian Cakery

    We are excited to announce that in April 2014, Chocolate Encore has purchased Houston wedding cake bakery, Bavarian Cakery. With the addition of Bavarian Cakery, we are now providing your total sweet services for Houston and the surrounding areas. For years, Bavarian cakery has specialized in custom traditional or classic wedding cakes in Houston and the surrounding areas. We also offer beautiful vintage style wedding cakes, fun-themed grooms’ cakes, birthday and party cakes. Creating classic, vintage and original designs for wedding cakes and other signature desserts is our specialty.

    While Bavarian Cakery is located in Houston, we also service the surrounding areas bringing wedding cakes to The Woodlands, Spring, Cypress and more. It will be a sweet addition to our Chocolate Encore offerings of chocolate fountains, s’mores buffets, candy and dessert tables! Cake tastings are free but by appointment only.

    bavarian cheesecake houston

    Chocolate Encore has purchased Houston Wedding Cake Bakery Bavarian Cakery.

  • Holiday Dessert Buffets | Houston Dessert Buffets

    chocolate encore

    The holidays are right around the corner and with that comes all of the crazy busy schedules to get everything bought, wrapped and prepared.  This year, Chocolate Encore is offering several options to help take some of the stress off of your holiday food planning.  We are always offering our delicious Belgian Chocolate Fountains and crafted candy and s’mores buffets, but did you know we do decorated dessert buffets complete with holiday favorites like fall flavored cheesecakes, gingerbread men, crème de mint brownies and custom cupcakes and mini pies?  Call us today, we are booking out fast and would love to help make your party super sweet!  Pictures of desserts can be found on

    November 27, 2013 By ChocolateEncore Chocolate Fountains
  • Valentines Day Cookie Bouquets, Chocolate Dipped Strawberries and Cupcakes


    Are you looking for something sweet to give your loved one this Valentine’s Day? We have the best cookie bouquets, cupcakes and chocolate dipped strawberries found in Houston and Cypress, TX!

    We are now taking pre-orders for Valentine’s Day! Gourmet Cookie Bouquets in deluxe containers that can be used again and again! Also available 1 dozen cupcakes in the following delectable flavors: Red Velvet, Chocolate, French Vanilla all topped with festive Valentine toppers. If fruit is your fancy, we’ve got you covered! We’ve got large delicious strawberries dipped in rich dark and/or white chocolate, sold by the dozen. Both the cupcakes and the strawberries are boxed and bowed, ready for gifting to your loved ones! We are taking orders through February 12th with pick-up at our Cypress location the evening of February 13th or from 10am-7pm on Valentine’s Day.

    Cookie Bouquets
    Small | $28
    (includes 3 gourmet cookies and deluxe container)

    Medium | $38
    (includes 5 gourmet cookies and deluxe container)

    Large | $48
    (includes 7 gourmet cookies and deluxe container)

    1 Dozen Dipped Straweberries | $25
    12 large juicy strawberries hand-dipped with the finest chocolates available

    1 Dozen Cupcakes | $35
    12 delicious cupcakes in 4 flavor varieties to choose from

  • Houston Chocolate Fountains | Chocolate Shots have arrived!

    About a year ago, Chocolate Encore was contracted to do a Bat Mitzvah and the client wanted chocolate shots for the party.  How fantastic is was to see the machine in action and we had to be the first in Texas to launch this sweet idea!  The chocolate used in this rich, decandent treat is Italian Chocolate.  For the youth focused event we jazzed it up with self serve sprinkles, fresh whipping cream, peppermint sticks and marachino cherries.  For the over 21 crowd events we have done, we also offer demi-tassi cups,  fresh orange liqour whipping cream and our clients bring ameretto or rum to put a touch of sinful into this rich tasty treat.  Our attendant takes care of everything from the set up to tear down and the individual servings are really affordable.  If you want the newest sweetest treat at your next event, the Chocoalte Sipping Machine will need to be front and center….perfect with the s’mores buffet too!

  • Choosing Your Houston Chocolate Fountain Provider


    It has been brought to my attention during consultations that many people do not know what to ask or look for when they begin the search for that extra special “sweet” service for an event like a chocolate fountain, candy buffets, cupcakes etc.  Experience in this industry has taught me that many companies are out to look like they are running a “special” or “exclusive” package price when in fact they are misleading in not only what they provide but more in what you will actually need come your wedding or event day ie: overpromising and under-deliverying.   For example, if you check out the company website and it is an ongoing discount, most likely it is not a special. A true special is not something you run all the time.  So with that said, I wanted to inform you the consumer about things you should be asking and thinking about when choosing your “sweet” service.

    1.  Does the price look to good to be true?  Take the time to read the small print and do the math.  For example, if the dipping items are not priced seperately, make sure the venue allows outside food to be brought in.  Ask how many pieces per person it serves.  Offering 6-10 items might sound like a super idea, but not if that means that each person only gets three items.  The food will be gone within an hour of your event and your guests will be wondering why their isn’t enough.  Many hotels and some venues do not allow outside food to be brought in, so call and check that out before you sign your contract.

    2.  What kind of chocolate is the company actually using?  You get what you pay for.  If the price of the fountain looks too good to be true, they are not running a true, premium chocolate.  Most Chocolate Fountain companies use a canned product that is less expensive both in cost and in labor hoping you the consumer will not know good chocolate.  It is also called bulk and courture.  It is a must to do a tasting to see and taste the chocolate before the night of the event.  One hint:  If the claim is semi-sweet and the chocolate is really dark, that is probably NOT the chocolate you want at your event….just sayen.

    3.  What will the presentation look like?  At Chocolate Encore everything is customized to your event.  You are not last weekends client and so your presentation will not reflect that party, but your own theme with coordinating fabrics, elevations and glassware.  Make sure to check out a companys’ photo gallery to see what they offer.  Make sure you are not looking a stock photography but actual representation of their work.

    These are just a few ideas of what to watch for and ask when selecting your sweet provider.  If you have any other questions or concerns, we would be happy to help you design and assist you with your upcoming event.  Don’t forget to check out our other sweet services.  Have a sweet idea you need executed? We are happy to help make that vision a reality. Check out some of our past event on – Have a really sweet day!



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