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  • 11 Nov

    S’mores Bar is a Fall Favorite for events and parties

    Sweet idea for fall parties inside or out!

    The cooler temperatures always welcome tasty fall favorites like hot chocolate and pumpkin spice latte’s.  At Chocolate Encore we have a special slush fund just for the crazy latte’s that call you every afternoon around 3pm!  Finding new and innovative sweet treats for your upcoming events can sometimes be challenging.  We are certain our rustic S’mores Bar will be a favorite for your next function.  We bring out the rustic s’mores bar and set it up with all kinds of sweet s’more favorites like crispy graham crackers, assorted marshmallows and melt in your mouth chocolate.  It is perfect for inside or outdoors, adults and kids alike!…only a 6ft table is required.  Need an attendant? No problem, we can completely take care of that too!  It’s a sweet fall favorite and perfect for any kind of event…large or small.  What a great way to welcome the holidays with something that says “happiness” all over it.  Houston’s first and only S’mores Bar is perfect for your next holiday or office party.

    By ChocolateEncore Sweet Stuff
  • 05 Aug


    Before the economy went “south” a few years ago, I was thinking about attractive ways to market event catering.  I am like Rachael Ray: I’m not a professional educated chef, but have the love for cooking and was encouraged by wonderfully supported parents to pursue my dreams.  I do have an arts degree, so the creative in me is always working overtime, new food ideas, trends, photography, design…you name it, I love it all!

    I researched the Houston market and spent time looking at websites and countless menus of other reputable companies, chefs and caterers…what, how and where they were catering, what they offered etc.  One thing I noticed in conversations from my clients was that most people are not doing the traditional seated meal.  Not because it is not popular, but the price points for all the additional staff and labor just didn’t suit the budget.   You know, that budget where you want champagne, but end up only affording beer?  So, I had to ask myself, what about smaller meals, self serve or even appetizer oriented events?

    This is where the fun begins:  creating meals that are budget friendly, and to provide exceptional service with creative simple presentation.   This is not to say that some events are not elaborate with the must have carving stations and plated salads, linens, floral etc., but it does make for a fabulous solution of feeding the multitudes without breaking the bank!  And this is what we do.  We work with each client to create a meal or appetizer menu to suit the budget with contemporary, trendy and traditional tastes in mind.  We think it’s a SWEET idea to be budget friendly, offering everything you need in one stop— Dinner, desserts, candy bars, linens, and always the best chocolate fountains!

    By ChocolateEncore event catering
  • 06 Jul

    Chocolate Fountains Are Here To Stay!

    This year marks our 5th anniversary!  Starting with just one chocolate fountain we have grown our business to the event catering business it is today.  Staying up with the trends and focusing on customer service and needs has truly been an exciting venture.  This month we have transitioned our showroom to a commercial kitchen in the Cypress area and we are excited to see what the future holds.  Many thanks to Elaine Potter with The Bavarian Cakery (  for her many years of support and partnership with our catering ventures!  She truly is a blessing from above.

    Long ago I realized that to stay in this business you have to know your competition but more importantly, you have to make your business unique to you and each client and create the very best product and presentation each and every time.  We are committed to use true Belgian chocolate, not imitation, bulk chocolate or products out of a can.  Our chocolate is Kosher and we also have Kosher Parve available (not Belgian).  Depending on your personal taste, the chocolate can be enhanced with color or flavors like amaretto, hazelnut and other favorites.  White chocolate can be hand died to match your event colors too!  As every client is different, so is each set-up.

    Other fun ideas for the fountains include:

    Ranch dressing with fresh vegetables for dipping like snap peas, cherry tomatoes and broccoli and cheese stick to name a few!

    Queso Bar with crisp corn chips, guacamole, fresh pico de gallo and ground meat for nacho’s

    Maple syrup with French toast sticks, mini sausages, dollar pancakes and cubes pineapple

    BBQ sauce with skewerd chicken and beef, fries and everything else fabulous drenched in our sweet and savory warmed sauce!

    One thing is for sure…if you can dream it…we can probably do it!  Fountains are here to stay!

    By ChocolateEncore Chocolate Fountains
  • 06 Jul

    Hand Dipped Chocolate Covered Strawberries

    There is something fabulous about a fresh strawberry dipped in chocolate. Decadent chocolate melting in your mouth with the taste of a sweet tender strawberry is what we are all about! Do you like them with shaved coconut? Crushed peanuts? Colorful sprinkles? Strawberries can be swirled in multi-colors using white chocolate or dressed for a night out on the town in a tuxedo theme design. However you like your tasty treat, we can package them individually or in boxes of 6-12.

    By ChocolateEncore Sweet Stuff
  • 06 Jul

    Cupcakes Make Great Favors!


    Everyone is still crazy for cupcakes!    It seems we just can’t get enough of these sweet delicate cakes comprised of our favorite flavors and fluffy frostings.  Cupcakes wrapped in personalized boxes with fun labels make really great favors for your guests and are a great way to say “Thank You for making our day special with your presence.”

    Chocolate Encore is a custom bakery.  We are not a retail facility which means you are not paying extra for extensive labor, overhead and prime real estate.  Cupcakes can be customized with fun toppers, wrappers, and can be ordered in quantities of one dozen minimums.  We can even create cupcake towers to suite your event for a really fun and unique presentation.  Need gluten free? No problem!  For your next birthday or event, or office party, give us a call! We are more than willing to offer delivery for a small charge.

    By ChocolateEncore Cupcakes
  • 05 Jul

    S’Mores Bar

    At Chocolate Encore, we are always trying to create new and unique ideas for chocolate!  One cool thing we have added this year is Houston’s first inside S’mores Bar.

    Decorated with beautiful wood stain and unique iron accent pieces sets it apart from the traditional campfire campouts!

    Guests get to create their own gooey fun treat by roasting a fluffy white or fun flavored marshmallow and layer it between crisp Graham Crackers and yummy chocolate pieces.

    The s’mores bar can come with an attendant to  assist your guests and make sure all the platters are kept full and ready to go.  The stenos’ are super user friendly, so even the youngest attendant can enjoy making his own treat.

    Adding the s’mores bar to your reception at an inside facility is unique and unexpected and takes even the seasoned party  goers for a surprise!


    By ChocolateEncore Desserts
  • 29 Jun

    candy bar buffets

    Candy Bar buffets and edible favors are truly a great way to thank your guests for attending your special event.  Candy bars can be created with your favorite flavors in mind that truly reflect your “sweet” character and personality too!  It’s fun to work with a client to create unique presentations of whimsical treats, color coordinated themes, or even traditional favorites.  Using just the right jars and containers for truly a unique presentation expresses to your guests how much you enjoy having them there and expresses your thoughtfulness in a fun way!  Candy Bar buffets can be complemented with unique elegant ribbons, personalized favor bags, and custom labels to character to your table.  For your next event, why not enhance it with something sweet!  Candy is always a crowd pleaser!

    By ChocolateEncore buffets
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