• 10 Mar

    Optional Wedding Desserts and Dessert Buffets

    One thing I often hear from many of our clients is, “I want something unique to us”, “something original and tasty… something our guests will enjoy and remember.”  For some, planning these small details can be overwhelming and most of the time, after spending just a few moments listening to their vision I can get an idea of something unique for them to try or incorporate into their dessert station.  We love hand crafting off menu dessert items.  

    Mini desserts and sweets tables can sometimes be more costly than doing a wedding cake to serve the entire guest count so it’s important to have a realistic budget in mind when planning this type of idea.

    Depending on the labor required of the dessert and the size of the dessert, it can be a bit of a trick trying to figure out how  many items you need of each sweet treat.  That’s where we come in! We will discuss options that are affordable, personalized and unique to your favorite flavors.  For example: mini strawberry shortcakes, tiramisu, chocolate trifles and banana puddings can be done in small disposable cups your guests can easily handle with drink in hand!  Other options are our decadent buttercream topped brownies and gourmet cookies, cake pops, mini cheesecakes and mini cupcakes.  Whatever your flavor, we can help design the perfect dessert table around your favorites with a budget that won’t break the bank and a presentation to leave your guests snap chatting and facebook posting pictures to prove they were at the event of the year!

    By evielutions Desserts
  • 05 Jul

    S’Mores Bar

    At Chocolate Encore, we are always trying to create new and unique ideas for chocolate!  One cool thing we have added this year is Houston’s first inside S’mores Bar.

    Decorated with beautiful wood stain and unique iron accent pieces sets it apart from the traditional campfire campouts!

    Guests get to create their own gooey fun treat by roasting a fluffy white or fun flavored marshmallow and layer it between crisp Graham Crackers and yummy chocolate pieces.

    The s’mores bar can come with an attendant to  assist your guests and make sure all the platters are kept full and ready to go.  The stenos’ are super user friendly, so even the youngest attendant can enjoy making his own treat.

    Adding the s’mores bar to your reception at an inside facility is unique and unexpected and takes even the seasoned party  goers for a surprise!


    By ChocolateEncore Desserts