Everyone is still crazy for cupcakes!    It seems we just can’t get enough of these sweet delicate cakes comprised of our favorite flavors and fluffy frostings.  Cupcakes wrapped in personalized boxes with fun labels make really great favors for your guests and are a great way to say “Thank You for making our day special with your presence.”

Chocolate Encore is a custom bakery.  We are not a retail facility which means you are not paying extra for extensive labor, overhead and prime real estate.  Cupcakes can be customized with fun toppers, wrappers, and can be ordered in quantities of one dozen minimums.  We can even create cupcake towers to suite your event for a really fun and unique presentation.  Need gluten free? No problem!  For your next birthday or event, or office party, give us a call! We are more than willing to offer delivery for a small charge.